Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gay Cruising Bangalore What Are The Gay Cruising Places In Bangalore?

What are the gay cruising places in Bangalore? - gay cruising bangalore

I wonder, gay bars / clubs sauna / / The gay night life in Bangalore


Paddy said...

You want to find these places in India.

C J said...

Ur Dude .... Who are brave enough to cool. Anyway, I do not believe as gay is legal in France, so I do not think u'll find in places like this ........ Maybe u'll have to start, cross-dressing .......... lol

neela k said...

bang'r select a card, or go to see sights and places


customer service phone numbers: 04426444444 / 22222222

All the best!

sufishai... said...

I write gay red on your shirt and someone will pick you up ... Are police officers .. for gay what? that

ZacsDDba... said...

idk in the new and do not believe that r!


Hemz said...


I am not aware, gay bars and clubs, sauna / / gay night life in Bangalore. But if you want a turn gay then visit You can get your information by clicking here.


coolcal said...

Rahul is very sad that you do not open, will find these places, but it exists. only the growth of your circle .. WL or find ..

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